Radishes are commonly added to a salad.  The most common radish is the Belle – its round and red, really red.  The radish can come as a whole radish, sliced into pieces or even thinly sliced.  No matter how one eats them, they are great.

Cooking radishes bring about a whole new flavor and texture to these wonderful little veggies.  How you cook them is totally up to you.

Wash and cut the tops and bottoms off of the radishes.  If the radishes are large, consider cutting in half.  If small, leave whole.

I start by heating a cast iron skillet with butter and olive oil.  I seasoned the mixture with Rosemary Salt (Jacobson’s Salt, Portland, OR), cracked black pepper and any other seasoning that you would like.

Place the radishes cut side down and saute’ over medium heat, about 10 minutes.  While sauteing the radishes, turn the oven on to 350º.  Once the oven is at temp and you have sauteed the radishes for approximately 10 minutes, place the cast iron in the oven.

Depending on how you want your radishes – firm with a bit of a crunch to soft like a cooked potato, will depend on how long you leave them in the oven.  If the radishes are cooked to your perfection on the stove top, then there will be no need to put them in the oven.

Consider cooking the radishes with mushrooms and steaks.