A Simple Egg Salad

Boil as many eggs as you wish (this recipe can change with the quantity of eggs).

To boil eggs, place your eggs in a stew pot.

Cover the eggs with water to at least 1″ above the eggs.

Set the timer for 11 minutes.

When the water starts to boil, start your timer.

When the eggs are done, remove the pot from the stove and place under running cold water.

When the water is cool, add some ice into the water to help cool the eggs.

Once the eggs are cool, remove from the pot and start peeling under cold running water (this helps with washing away any little bits of egg shell that may be missed).

Place eggs in a bowl.

Mash up all the eggs, add Mayonnaise, Dijon Mustard, salt and Paprika.  The amount of each ingredient is up to you. It can be a bit dry (little mayo & mustard) or to a “wet” egg salad (lots of mayo & mustard).

Mix well

Serve on bread, crackers or eat it by itself.