Ox Tail Broth is one of the easiest broths to make.  It has four ingredients – Ox tails, salt, pepper and onions.  That’s it.

Having a basic food taste great is the goal of anyone cooking.  And this is where Ox tail broth comes in.  Ox Tail broth is also called “Bone Broth”.  Regardless of the name, its a broth that does the body good and is extremely pleasing to the palate.

After cooking in a pot or a pressure cooker, you want to strain the broth.  What you have left is a broth that is rich in flavor.

This broth can be used as is or you can thicken it up with a cornstarch or flour.  The great thing about taking a broth and making a gravy is that you determine how thick you want the gravy.

This broth or gravy goes well with mash potatoes, can be the “au jus” for Prime Rib, over fresh french bread or just eating it by the spoonful.