Who doesn’t love Peanut Butter Cookies?  Well, this recipe is the same and peanut butter cookies but I will be using “Sunflower Butter”.

Sunflower butter is just like peanut butter except that its made from sunflowers.  The aroma of the butter is sunflower and the taste is a creamy sunflower spread that is pleasing to the palate.

I followed the recipe exactly as if I was making peanut butter cookies.  The cookie dough was like “wet sand” after everything was blended.

Making dough balls about 1″ in diameter was the trick.  After making the dough balls, take a fork and press down on the cookie dough.  This will give the cooking the familiar look.

Once they are cooked, place on a wire rack to cook.  You have the option of putting a bit of sugar on top of the cookies.

This cookie can be used as a “surprise” cookie.  How many people would recognize that you used “sunflower butter” and not peanut butter in the recipe?

Making these cookies would be a great project for the kids.

Click here for the recipe