Without a doubt, this is one of the easiest recipes to make for a meal. 6 ingredients – Chicken, salt, pepper, lemons, onions and garlic – that’s it. Easy with a wonderful tasting meal when served.

The prep time to get everything ready was relatively quick. Peeling the onions is what took the longest.

Once the chicken was in the pan and patted dry, I used a generous amount of salt & pepper to season the cavity of the chicken. The two lemon wedges (sliced into quarters) were placed in the cavity, the garlic went in. As you will see on the video, I cut the garlic in half too close to the center line and well, the garlic cloves exploded all over the counter and floor. I laughed as this is real life and it happens. Just brush the pieces off to the side and start over.

The remaining lemon (cut into quarters) and the onions cut into thick slices were mixed in a bowl with olive oil and salt & pepper. After a good toss, the mix was placed around the chicken. Off to a hot oven (425º) for 1 hr. and 15 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking, you can prepare the other items that will be served with the chicken.

As you can see in the video, my pan was too large and the lemons burned. But that’s life. I didn’t let it stop me from continuing with the recipe. After plating the chicken and covering it with tinfoil, I placed the roasting pan on the stovetop to start the sauce.

The recipe calls for “white” wine. Choose what you like to drink (have a glass yourself!), pour ½ cup into the roasting pan. Also, pour ½ cup into the pan and stir both into the onion/lemon mixture along with the tablespoon of flower. Grab your plates, cut the chicken and spoon the gravy over the chicken on each plate. Be sure to add in the lemons and onions.

This should be a standard recipe in anyone’s kitchen. It’s simple, flavorful and honestly a great deal for a dinner on a budget. The smells that emanate from your oven fill the house with a great aroma. I had the wonderful opportunity to smell the roast chicken when I was outside (and my exhaust fan wasn’t on).

Suggested sides for this meal:
Asparagus (steamed)
Green beans (steamed)
Roasted Asparagus, bell peppers and cauliflower

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